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Reach new markets, diversify your business model and soar to new heights with your publication house and our dynamic technology.

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Why adopt Technology and not just ‘Digitalize’

To remain competitive and thrive in the digital age, it's essential to adopt technology seamlessly within existing business models, products, and processes. Embracing technology is essential for staying relevant and competitive, but what sets us apart is our ability to creatively infuse your own distinctive publication approach into unique technology adoption. By doing so, you can not only keep pace with evolving trends but also become industry leaders in the digital age.

As the world is buzzing for AI and technology, adapting to digital solutions will soon become imperative for all. Stay ahead of the curve and digitalise yourself to tap into new markets and uncharted domains. As a publisher, you can combine the strength of your comprehensive content with our technical expertise to reach new heights.

Your Technology Partner

In collaboration with Edubull you can have your own white-label app with no recurring expenses or additional technical infrastructure.

With 25 years of experience in edtech industry. Edubull, as your technical arm will provide you with:

  • White label app and technology platform

  • Content delivery platform

  • Server to store and share content

  • Streaming server

  • LMS

  • AI based Gap Analyzer™

  • API can be integrated with your platform

Re-fresh & Accelerate Your Business

Edubull’s ecosystem not only includes a unique assessment service which makes us stand out but our solutions are curated to meet and exceed market expectations.

Some of our Key Features that can become your leverage points in the market:

  • Our technology and content is integrated and based on NEP 2020, NCF 2023, and even skills Integrated program as prescribed by CBSE.

  • Our pedagogy is researched and adapted to deliver best possible learning solutions.

  • AI-enabled ecosystem

  • Tried and tested platform, market approved platform.

  • Scalable model, suitable for international and domestic markets


Additional content support for your publication’s enrichment

Our in-house produced multi-medial content makes for customisable and quality remedials for learning enhancement. You can enhance your own content with our multimedia elements on a single platform at no extra charges.

Our comprehensive content library Includes:

  • 70,000+ videos

  • 1,50,000+ questions

  • 50,000+ Notes

  • 30,000+ Exercises

Enrich your books through our unique tech

Our AI-based Gap Analyzer™ can be integrated into your publishing books! Edubull provides an innovative way to connect content with technolog in a variety of ways:-

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Our very own QR code experiential exams and remedial, which does not even require an app login.

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Whatsapp integration with your app which can be utlised to share gap analyzer’s detailed learning gap, roots and skill gap report.

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Integrate your content and align with NEP 2020, NCF 2023 and SAFAL CBSE.

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Get Educaton 4.0 ready with Blooms taxonomy based content and AI.

Edubull harnesses the power of technology to deliver optimal and personalised learning experience, with your sought-after content, together we can develop an unmatched learning ecosystem.

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Benefit from our industry experience of 25-years in edtech to diversify your venture without any investments

Edubull’s parent company, visionet has delivered educational solutions and technology for private as well as government institutions/programs for 25 years. Our hands-on-industry experience and expertise will become your advantage as you explore edtech market.

Supercharge your publication house and enter untapped edtech market and get your own competitive edge/ USP.

Partnering with edubull provides you the opportunity to combine your quality content, published books with our unmatched tech for diverse monetization models, elevating your sales pitch and discover new markets.


Unique Business Opportunity

With Edubull as your technical partner, approaching the booming edtetch market, institutions across the world and government institutions will expose your firm to multiple business and revenue opportunities.