About Us

Who We Are

With technology, innovation, and public service at the heart of Visionet's 25-year-long legacy, the passion to create beyond boundaries and create new avenues to better people's lives has been a lifelong commitment of Visionet. Instituted in 1998, Visionet started off with a humble desire to integrate technology with innovation and the penchant to become the first of its kind in India, to take an idea from 0 to 1. After having created award-winning, India's first anti-virus, IAVT, the founder of the company and the creator of rangoli fonts, through Visionet successfully developed more than 15 e-learning software and technologies serving over one million students. Visionet aims to continue serving the country by opening and advancing channels for innovation and the assimilation of digital advancement in the education ecosystem.


Our Success Story

More than 15 years of Pioneering India’s Edtech Industry and India's largest ready to use content library

  • 10000+ Govt. and Private Schools

  • State govt. project like: Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttranchal, Punjab, Himachal etc

  • All army CAT-A, CAT-B institute and army project "Eklavya"

  • Worked with 500+ govt. polytechnics

  • 800+ Colleges

  • 300+ ITIs

  • Taught over 1 Million students

  • 400+ Courses and 1 lac hours ready to use content

Our Vision

To create a world-class platform where every teacher and every student has access to personalized, high-quality education which equips them with the knowledge, skills, and competencies to thrive in the 21st century. To strive to be at the forefront of educational innovation and make a positive impact on learners’ lives worldwide.

Our Mission

To transform the educational system and to provide innovative solutions that enable individuals to reach their full potential. To foster a love for lifelong learning and to provide accessible educational recourses, programs and support services to improve critical thinking, problem-solving, and learning outcomes.

Our Values
  • R & D and Innovation

  • Learner Centric Approach

  • Teacher’s Empowerment

  • Collaboration and Partnership

  • Data Analysis and Reporting

  • Excel in Competitive Exams

  • Language Proficiency & Communications

  • 21st Century Skill Enhancement

Introducing Edubull

Conceptualized in 2O20 and instituted in 2021, Edubull through its existence has made its mission to provide better and overarching learning outcomes to every child in India, by creating purposeful technologies that work for child development to prepare them for lifelong success. Education in the 21st century demands responsibility, equal opportunities, and an individualistic approach to learning. We strongly believe that the stakeholders of our future deserve an education that can prepare them for future challenges and opportunities rather than an outdated synthesis that suggests education is ‘one size fits all’. If every child is different then why are they not evaluated for their unique abilities and skills.

Edubull at its core believes that effective learning is done when teachers are supported as well as students through unique avenues. We aim to support teachers in their pursuit of empowering students and preparing them for outcome-based learning in an effective, user-friendly manner. Edubull aims to shift the paradigm away from rote learning to capability building in students with unique, actionable assessments and analysis tools that help students in real-time to determine various patterns in individual learning.

Edubull integrated technology and cognitive theory like Bloom's taxonomy with the right in-house produced conceptual content made meticulously and tailored to the market's needs. While most are concerned with the simple task of delivering lessons and lectures, the task of auditing and monitoring learning is made into a redundant chore which has created an ever-widening learning gap requiring a fresh perspective to bridge the gap. We build the bridge. Through our trademarked technology of enhancing learning by extracting learning outcome analytics and data through a comprehensive model of assessment to suggest personalized remediation based on an individual’s ability to learn as well as their unique skillset. All this is done under the supervision of teachers who can in real time track this progress with a click of a button.

This fundamental philosophy is what drives the practices of each individual at Edubull. After studying the emerging market and assessing the long-term and immediate needs of society for 2+ years to perfect our technology, study the market and work with feedback, we have developed our approach to education 4.0. An approach to education that seeks to evaluate individual skills and enhance them through addressing conceptual as well as skill-based gaps that remain unaddressed throughout directly affecting any and every individual's future prospects. Our Learning Enhancement Program (LEP) aims to build strong foundations to provide every individual an equitable chance to be who they want to be.

What's Unique About Us

In a combination first of its kind we have created a blend of Al based technology, the right content library, and a research-backed approach.

Gap Analyzer™

Our diagnostic assessments are concept and skill-based meant to identify the root causes of a learning gap providing a 360° view of a student's learning making education personalized for all.

Concept & Skill based Learning

We have broken down lessons into concepts to determine skill and concept-based gaps to suggest customised remedial.

Adoption of Bloom's Taxonomy

Our technology has integrated Bloom's taxonomy to develop our distinctive solution.

Teacher-Centered Approach

Our process is mindfully made for an easy and smooth user experience for teachers not only helping them save time but reducing the considerable workload on them, facilitating the onset of Education 4.0.

Hawk Eye Reporting & Monitoring

We provide the school and teachers detailed, personalized reports of every child and/or entire class/batch which includes their strengths and weaknesses as a graphical report with detailed learning charts and outcomes.

Al-based Technology

Our technology is created to become your own technological arm to enable the most comprehensive and smooth learning and teaching ecosystem which focuses on the deliverability of better results and academic success all the while making a teacher's job easy. We provide a white label mobile application, web server and LMS solutions tailored to you.

Personalised Remedial

Through intellectual skill-based assessments we provide analysis of learning and skill-based gaps for each student/class and suggest a personalized skill and concept remedial.

Our Entire Content Library

Our Entire Content Library Edubull has curated a vast content library hosting of -

  • 70,000+ Videos + Animations
  • 1,50,000+ Questions
  • 50,000+ Notes
  • 30,000+ Excerises