Gap Analyzer™ API Integration

What Is it?

It is truly a user-friendly tool designed for all types of users, made to bind together all stakeholders of a child’s learning journey with a specific focus on providing digital support that is more than just a platform but a new way of conduct assessments and personalising learning.

Gap Analyzer is an Al-based diagnostic assessment tool integrated with Bloom's Taxonomy which provides actionable analysis of learning. It is a systematic process of assessing the gaps between desired learning outcomes and the current state of knowledge and the skills of the learner.


Why Us?

  • Our solutions are developed with the goal of digitising schools and transforming how assessments are conducted.

  • It is based on Government of india’s nascent educational policy changes like NEP 2020, SAFAL, and NCF 2023. Our assessments are modeled after such frameworks.

  • Reduces teacher's workload significantly and is a teacher and student-centered form of assessment that can be made with a single click.

  • Assessments integrated with Bloom's taxonomy.

  • Learning levels (L1,L2,L3) are made for different types of students.

  • Gap Analyzer™ finds previous class learning gaps/root gaps and exact concept weaknesses for every student and subject.

  • Provides actionable, detailed individual and class-wise analysis reports measuring academic skills, and weaknesses & strengths.

  • Measurable and positive impact on overall learning outcomes of students and support for teachers.

  • Learning outcomes are more clear and personalized for each student. supporting teachers in teaching and student in achieving those learning outcomes.