How to start preparing for UPSC Computer Science

Posted by: Admin   |   04 Mar 2020

UPSC Computer Science

The Union Public Service Commission popularly known as the UPSC examination is one of the most sought out examinations, and it is the premier central recruiting agency. It is one of the main examinations which is conducted in India, the aspirants who clear the examination with good scores are recruited for various Civil Services of The Government of India, and this civil services include Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Foreign Service (IFS), Indian Police Service (IPS), Indian revenue service (IRS) to name a few. UPSC examination is conducted in two-stage viz through preliminary examination and the main examination. Aspirants clearing the preliminary examination would be qualified to give the main examination. Below are some of the thing’s aspirants can do while preparing for the UPSC examination.

It is advisable to know what to study before giving the examination

Before starting to preparing for the UPSC Computer Science, one should know the syllabus. Knowing the syllabus narrows down the topics which an aspirant has to cover. Without been informed about the syllabus, the aspirant will not know what to study and will not be able to structure their study plan. Also, it will lead to the wastage of time of the aspirants as they will be giving time to study those topics which are not there in the syllabus.

Make a study plan as per the aspirant’s comfort

Once the syllabus is in place, aspirants should go through the syllabus and should make a study plan. This study plan will help them study the whole syllabus and at the same time will give them a ample amount of time to revise the syllabus before the examination. The hopefuls can cover those topics first, which is rather difficult for them and can leave the more manageable topic later stage of preparation.

Give as much mock test as the applicant can

The more mock test applicant gives, the better. Mock test helps the applicant to know where they stand in terms of their preparation of the UPSC Computer science examination. Edubull has more than 8000 mock tests for the applicants to attempt, the vast set of mock tests will help the applicant to know which topics they need to put more effort in and will get an idea about how to approach the question paper which will help them to crack the examination.

Analyze the mock test paper

Analyzing is an important part when applicant give a mock test, Edubull provides detail report analyzer which will help the applicant know where they stand. Edubull also shows their ranking and give an Analytic Report to their student to help them know their progress. Analytic Report will tell the applicants which topics they need to concentrate more and how well they have managed their time while attempting the mock test paper.