Online Education in India

Posted by: Admin   |   27 Dec 2019

Online Education in India

The market for online education in India is expected to have substantiation and magnificent growth in the past three years. Since the technology has been developing at an increasing rate India has the enhancement of online education and people have started accepting it widely. Online education has become popular among working professionals because working professional cannot opt for courses through live classes so they started to prefer online courses which help in the reduction of travel time and also helps them to focus on their studies.

India is said to be the highest education provider in the world and it has been divided into three subcategories like University, school and college. The number of students who keep enrolling for exam preparation through online is increasing at a rapid rate.

What are the ways through which Online education in India can be made effective?

  • Webinar: A seminar that is conducted through online is known as a webinar and this kind of webinars help in understanding the concepts in a clear and better way.
  • Mock Tests: Edubull is an online platform which has a series of tests and students can take the tests and analyse about the marks they secure less and helps them in focusing on the weaker areas and help them to score better when they appear for the main examination.
  • Videos: Videos are helpful for the candidates in analysing the concepts and prepare for their examination.
  • Counselling: Online test providers have also started giving counselling to students and started offering about the course one among the best counselling provider is said to be Edubull.

Why online education is getting popular?

We all know that many students and working professionals have started using online platforms for learning and preparation of exams since it reduces the travel time and can study at their convenience.

  • Internet Penetration: India has nearly 500 million internet users and by the year of 2021 India will have more than 700 million users which will increase the traffic of online education providers when there is increase in the traffic people start using the internet for their studies.
  • Smartphone: Over the years the usage of smartphones is increasing rapidly, so online education providers have an application through which students can learn or take the test at their convenient time zone.
  • The Flexibility of time: Working professionals and students have time constraints for pursuing offline course. Pursuing an course online helps them to work on multitasking and they can also prepare at their convenience.
  • Immediate results: Students or working professionals who enrol online courses can see immediate results once they complete the tests that are conducted online.
  • Affordability: Online courses are much affordable and convenient when compared to offline courses.


Online education in India image is growing at a rapid rate. Looking at the current trend Edubull is an online platform which solves all your education needs under one roof and helps in better understanding of the concepts which are given as videos in our platform.

The approach of introducing concepts through games is getting popular in India and by this way, online education is growing at a rapid rate and in near future, most of the people will start using online education to learn or prepare for exams.