About Us

Where it Started

In 1997

Mr Girish Sharma visualised the growing learning needs of Indians that will modernise and need technology based learning. Realising the importance of this, he established VISIONet- which became the first in India to launch CBTs..

Over the course of two decades VISIONet worked with hundreds of polytechnics, engineering colleges, ITIs, state governments, to design, produce, provide curriculum, and e-learning solutions and technology. VISIONet has provided millions of students with their learning requirement and still continues to do so.

In 2014

We realised the need to create a platform that can provide learning material online. A small idea that over the course of time evolved into EduBull. In 2014, we formed a vision and a mission; the vision to create a platform that will contain everything that every person will want to learn and a mission to provide quality online education to every Indian at the least minimal cost possible. Thus, creating a grass-root level impact.

With ideas in mind, we immediately began to work and produced 1000+ hours of content for vocational, skill development, etc. While we were busy creating and curating the content, we realised that with time the need of the learners will change along with the content, creating the need to upgrade and change content frequently. While facing this challenge, we realised the importance of content that is unstructured and scattered over the internet, being updated with time. Realising there is an opportunity here, we along with expert educators started creating the content to curate courses- bringing the best of the internet on one platform.

Edubull and Vision 2020

More than 50 people, over the course of next 7 years, worked on our ‘Vision 2020’ to create EduBull. In 2019, after years of development, we launched India’s largest and most unique online learning platform - Edubull.com.

With edubull, we wanted to give our learners the best of online learning at a price everyone can afford. To make it available to everyone, we offer courses across all ages with the promise of providing lifelong learning. The platform has content for every learner and teaching technology for every tutor and educational institution.

Edubull for Learners

Edubull for Ages 1-17

  • Academic learning (KG-12), animated content, concept videos, notes, ebooks, sample papers, interactive activities.
  • Entrance Exams Preparation - IIT-JEE, BITS, NEET, CLAT, GATE, NDA.
  • New age skills with certification

Edubull for youth, Ages 18-40

  • Test preparation courses and practice and mock tests for various competitive exams - for Government and private Jobs, CA, Teaching, Civil Services, All Bank, SSC, Railway, Defence.
  • 1000+ Skill Development Courses with Certificates.
  • 50+ Internship Skill Certifications
  • Job Preparation Courses - Interview, PD, IT and Computer.

Edubull for Ages 41-70

  • 1000+ Skills Development Courses
  • Business, Finance, Management, Parenting, Health and Job Skills.
  • Job Preparation Courses - Interview, PD, IT and Computer.

Lifelong Learning

By not only providing you the solutions to your immediate needs, but also providing you the infrastructure for your arising needs. For example, a student in 12th grade along with his academic courses gets the platform to prepare for college entrance exams and interviews- providing him with the end objective of his learning.

Edubull for Institutions

The platform enables any institution, teacher, company or anyone to establish an online education system with their own branding with Edubull-Professor.

E-professor is a technology that enables institutions to digitise their schools functions for Communication (updates and interaction), Learning (Edubull Study Material and Live Classes), Teaching (Exam and course creation and study material dissemination), Administration (Fees collection, communication and management) on one versatile, white labelled app and platform.

Edubull is committed to providing the best learning experience and technology, all to serve our users well.

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